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  • We now have the Aerospace accreditation to EN9100:2009 (AS9100C)
  • Our latest attachment to the CNC gear grinder allows us to produce internal ground gears and splines for a range of Ø50 up to Ø1250. The same attachment can be used to produce internal helical gears and splines without the need for special guides. Gear designers will therefore not be constrained by standard helix angles and pressure angles.
  • Due to high demand we have installed an additional Holfler Rapid 1250K that has internal grinding facility.
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CNC cut and ground gears, gear couplings and specialist gearboxes designed and manufactured by DePe Gears Company UK operate in all the major industrial economies of the world. Our engineers and designers have over sixty years of hands on experience in gearbox design and gears related applications.

Established in 1987 in Stoke-On-Trent, England, DePe Gear Company manufactures gears ranging from 10mm to 2500mm in diameter. We invest heavily both in the skills of our loyal, highly expreienced workforce and in some of the most advanced gear manufacturing equipment available. This includes the following:

  • CNC Full Form Gear Grinding
  • CNC Internal Gear Grinding
  • CNC Gear Cutting
  • CNC Spline Cutting
  • CNC Gear Shaping
  • CNC Slotting
  • CNC Spline Grinding
  • CNC Gear Inspection

Our philosophy is to work closely with our customers from the feasibility and budgeting process through to the design, manufacture and final commissioning of their gears and gearboxes. Since all our products are designed for their purpose you can be assured of the optimum solution to your requirements.

We have invested heavily in modern technology and our staff to ensure we manufacture to the highest specification at an economic price.

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