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Gears, couplings and specialist gearboxes designed and manufactured by DePe Gear Company UK operate in all the major industrial economies of the world. Our engineers and designers have over sixty years of hands on experience in gearbox design and gears related applications.

Our philosophy is to work closely with our customers from the feasibility and budgeting process through to the design, manufacture and final commissioning of their gears and gearboxes. Since all our products are designed for their purpose you can be assured of the optimum solution to your requirements.

Gear couplings can be manufactured to transmit up to 1,000,000 NM with misalignment angles of up to 5 per gear mesh.

The gears manufacturing and design facility is employed to repair or refurbish gearboxes to the original manufacturers specification or even improve performance by using more modern manufacturing methods and materials. Costs and lead time can be kept a minimum where appropriate by gear grinding and then designing and manufacturing their mating gear to produce the correct gear specification.

Our computerised gear inspection facilities include special programs to facilitate reverse engineering. These measurements combined with our experience allows us to manufacture obsolete parts, such as vintage racing car gears.

DePe Gear Company Limited can grind gears up to 1250mm diameter and cut gears up to 2500mm diameter.

Some of the industries we produce serve include:-

Railways, Bulk Handling & Cranes, Wind Turbnines, Steel Processing Lines, Leveller Lines, Slitting Lines, Coilers/Uncoilers, Low Backlash Gearboxes, Cranes, Pumps and also Mining and Quarrying.

For our sub contract machining services and confectionery equipment please vist our sister company Bollin Dale Engineering Limited